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Our Internet Cafe has Free To Use Computers and Serves Delicious Drinks and Snacks

The Internet Cafe area is open Tuesday to Friday 9am to 4pm and Saturday 10am to 1pm. Five public computers are free to use for an hour and the building has free Wi-Fi access (see Our Facilities, Internet Fax Copy). 

We hold a number of groups in the main Cafe area

See Times and Locations for more about these events.

And our Meeting Rooms host many Community Based Organisations

iTalk (counselling), Citizens Advice Bureau, a credit Union, Lorraine Nails and many others, all have a home at the Hub. Have a look at 'Times And Locations' below to find out when they, and others, are in the Hub.

If you are an organisation interested in using one of our rooms, please contact Nicola on 01329 609299.

Don't forget to check us out on facebook/TheHighlandsHub for the latest news and events.

Fareham Community Savers

£ Control and Save your money with our accounts:
• Current • Savings
• Christmas Savings Club • Jam Jar
• Business

£ Loans
£ Prepayment Budgeting Cards
£ Tips on making the most of your money

Thursday's 10 am - midday at the Hub. Call Maria on 07511 900833. Please note that Maria splits her time at the Hub with another role at Broadlaw Community Centre, so she'll get back to you as soon as she's working in the relevant role.

Alternatively, check out the site first for more.


25% discount on nail extensions at the Highlands Hub!

Feel like pampering yourself?

Lorraine Nails offers Hub users nail extensions for just £15 instead of the usual price of £20. The Hub also receives a very generous 20% of each sale.

We love things like this at the Hub! It helps members of the local community to save money, local businesses to grow, and the Hub to pay its bills.

Call the Hub on 01329 609299 for more information.

Times And Locations

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