Internet, Fax and Photocopying

Building Wide WIFI access

We have Free WIFI access throughout the building. Just ask one of the volunteers for the password when you arrive. You don't need to buy anything to use our Free WIFI.

Internet Connected Computers

We have five PCs. Each PC has a full sized keyboard and mouse, unlike the limited touchscreens that some venues offer.

PCs are available for use by anybody on a first come first served basis. The period prior to the end of the school day is usually the quietest.

Use a computer for free for an hour

Our PCs are free to use for up to one hour. A small charge applies after this time. There are no credit cards or online signups involved in paying the charge. You simply pay cash to a volunteer, who will then hand you a code to type in.

Our computers don't bite

Be reassured that our computers work in much the same way as the computer you probably have at home. If that doesn't sound all that reassuring, then don't worry! All Hub staff are computer literate, and a number of specialists are available at set times to help you.

Bring in documents and print them

You can bring in memory sticks (sometimes called USB Sticks or Thumb Drives) containing your documents to print them out and work on them. All PCs are connected to a mono (black and white) laser printer and some to the colour inkjet printer, so you can print off any documents for a small charge.

Microsoft Office is available

A selection of our PCs have Microsoft Office installed. Our PCs also have Open Office installed. Open Office is mostly compatible (letter writing and CV's won't usually pose a problem) with Microsoft Office - Open Office is free, so just ask if you'd like to know how to use it at home.

Improve your computer skills

We don't offer formal computer training classes, but we do have a very relaxed environment where people help each other  - customers often say they learn far more by asking how to do something when they need to do it, than sitting through an intensive, and possibly expensive, training course.

Faxing, photocopying

We offer faxing and black & white and colour photocopying. We make a small charge for these services. Don't worry if photocopiers and fax machines seem determined to make your life miserable, we do the faxing and copying for you. Just hand us the documents, and we'll take care of the rest! 


We're a non-profit organisation and any money received goes right back into helping us to help you. Charging for some services helps us to cover costs and improve the services we offer. The charges below are a guide only - please check in the café, or call us, to confirm costs.

Service Charge
Printing from a computer
(Black & White)
10p per sheet
Printing (Colour) 20p per sheet
Printing (Colour Double sided) 25p per sheet
Faxing 25p per side of sheet (2 sheets printed on both sides would be £1.00)
Copying (Colour) 20p per sheet
Copying (Black & White) 10p per sheet
PC usage (after one free hour) We reserve the right to make a nominal charge for computer use after an hour, to encourage fair sharing of our computers.